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Memorial Wall/ Wall of Sorrows

This wall represents all the children and young adults killed in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, Ohio) since 1990. Ask yourself these questions:

When will the murders of our children stop

Why do our children kill each other?

Why do friends and aquaintenances kill each other?

Why are our children killing each other?

When will respect replace disdain?

When will love replace hate?

When will courtesy replace discourtesy?


Imperial Avenue Murders (11 People Recovered; 10 Identified as of 11/12/09)

Carmichael, Tonia (52)
Cobbs, Nancy (47)
Culver, Tishana (31)
Dozier, Crystal (38)
Fortson, Telacia (31)
Hunter, Amelda (47)
Long, Leshanda (25)
Mason, Michelle (45)
Smith, Kim Yvette (44)
Webb, Janice (48)

Nine lives lost in fire at 1220 East 87 Street early Saturday morning, 5/21/05
Devonte Carter (15)
Medeia Carter (33)
Miles Cockfield (13)
Moses Williams, Jr. (14)
Maleeya Williams (12)
Antwon Jackson, Jr. (14)
Fakih Jones (7)
Shauntavia Mitchell (12)
Earnest Tate, Jr. (13)

Four lives lost in fire on 4/4/06 East 105 & Wade Park
Hayes, Racheal (3)
Hayes, Markel (5)
Hayes, Marvin III (5)
Hayes, Aleysha (8)


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